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Thank you for coming and visiting our website. My name is Gordon Hofer and this is my wife Ramona.

We have been married since 1970. We have four daughters, 11 grandchildren & one great grandson. We have been in ministry for over 50 years & have traveled as evangelists since the 1970's. We have pastored four churches, built two of those buildings, and for the last 20 years traveled as prophetic evangelists.


I was born & raised in a Mennonite home, and was saved at the age of 10 and was called to preach. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was 19 years old & began to preach. We have ministered from California to New York, Florida to California.

We operate as Prophetic Evangelists. The Lord has helped us to give direct prophetic word into peoples lives with accuracy. Women who were barren, who couldn't have children, received a prophetic word and a short time after that had their own children. It has now been over 100 women that have give birth to their own children.

We help activate the gifts & the callings of God within them. I have personally mentored two of my grandsons that are now in the ministry. This is our goal, to minister to young men & women and help them get into full time ministry.

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The Lord has also given me an anointing to help people in business to prosper & break curses off of their lives and businesses.  Once again we are glad you are here visiting. This site was created so that as our ministry continues to grow, you can see what God continues to do, and be a part of the Great Commission.



Gordon & Ramona Hofer

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